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Central Office Switch - AirCoreTM
We provide the AirCore Platform, a feature-rich, multi-function, scalable mobile switching center that offers the same superior technology as large centralized switches at a fraction of the cost. AirCore is cost effective with as few as 500 subscribers and can expand to serve tens of thousands. The multi-function and feature-rich switching systems include integrated wireline and wireless, prepaid local and toll calling, travel and debit card calling, home visitor location registers, an authentication center, an equipment identity register, hot bill and prepaid services, and access tandeming capacities.
Village Telephony Solution  
This compact switch, designed for rural neighborhoods, small towns, or business and residential communities with as many as 10,000 subscribers, is a small, scaleable, inexpensive telephony solution that is easy to install, operate, and maintain, yet flexible enough to support multiple interfaces and protocols. The system delivers a cost-effective dial tone with minimal supporting infrastructure for any mix of wireline or wireless applications, such as network interface unit for wireless local loop systems, rural local exchanges supporting both wireline and wireless, hybrid network interface unit and local exchange operation. Its innovative distributed hardware and software architecture supports a variety of standard analog and digital interfaces and protocols so that operators have the power and versatility they need in today's networks. As network requirements change, operators can seamlessly add features to meet new demands. Currently, the system is integrated with radio access systems that range from analog cellular to the newest CDMA systems. It can be configured in the field and has a user friendly network management system.

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