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Local operation since 1995, with offices, technical and a warehousing area since 1996. With a lab fully equipped for wireless technology support and with an installed laser system with ETHERNET, OT has already Type Approved over 10 families of digital microwave in Romania. The Company was active in urban and rural telephony development, specialized in GSM transmission site integration and design, security systems, airport modernization, radiation detection, etc.. Since 2001, OSI and OT have invested and developed a family of Mobile Medical and Biological Laboratories, Clincs and other Special Vehicles, to be Manufactured in Romania, Italy, Hungary and other countries. Opration has moved back to the USA, due to incidents of grave corruption issues in Romania, stolen intelectual property and harassment.

In Romania OT had technical personnel available to implement small & large projects, equipment supply and other local technical-strategic alliances.

Manager:   Theo Basch, President


previously marketed and represented:

Security fences, Radiation Detectors (GAMMA Tech), Border Control & Surveillance (PP) and more,

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